WELCOME TO A WONDERFUL VACATION IN DOOR COUNTY! We sincerely thank you for choosing JR Vacation Rentals. It is at this time your vacation is ending but your memories made will last a long time. Please take the time to review the “Check-out Procedures” for the property you are staying at. If you have further questions regarding your stay, please contact our office or email fun@jrvacationrentals.com. Remember we can take tentative reservations two years in advance, if reality is too much or you are wishing to book your next Door County vacation with JR Vacation Rentals!


Check out is promptly at 10:00 am unless prior authorization has been given by J R Vacation Rentals. Once you have vacated the property you may not re-enter. Failure to vacate your vacation rental by 10:00 am will result in a security deposit deduction of $100.00 per hour or partial hour.

If you are planning to spend the day in Door County after your 10:00 a.m. checkout, please contact our office to notify our staff that you will return your keys before departing Door County. Although checkout is at 10:00 a.m., many people leave early to get a head start on traffic making the houses available for the cleaning crews to begin early. If you are planning to vacate the property before 9:00 am, please contact our office so we can inform our cleaning staff they can begin early.

1. All garbage must be removed from the inside of the property. This includes every garbage can throughout the home. Empty the refrigerator of all food and dispose of all ice in bags or ice-trays. All garbage must be bagged, not loose in cans. Remove any yard garbage or cigarette butts. Do not leave garbage in fire pits. (Recycling is not mandatory)

    • * Homes / Cottages – use the trashcans provided outside the property. You may need to look behind the home, in the garage, or behind a shed to locate the cans. There is no need to move the trashcans; our staff will remove the trash from the cans original locations. Please have your garbage out of the property on the day of departure for pick-up starting as early as 9:00 am.

* Condos (if applicable) – dumpsters are located at the property for your use.

2. Keys must be returned to our office unless prior authorization has been given by J R Vacation Rentals to
leave them at the property. There is a $ 25.00 security deposit deduction for a lost key.

3. Linen rental items must be returned to our office if you have rented them, (unless other arrangements have been made with J R Vacation Rentals.) Loss of linens rented from J R Vacation Rentals will incur a security deposit deduction for the replacement of the linens (cost to be determined by a staff member of J R Vacation Rentals management), and a 25% service fee on the cost of the replacement linens. Linens must be returned in the bag marked Linen Return located in your welcome packet.

4. If a mattress pad or blanket has been soiled, please remove it from the bed and set it aside. Please do not remake a bed with soiled linens.

5. All windows and doors must be shut and locked. Turn off all lights including outdoor lights.

6. Please leave the thermostats set at 55 degrees in cool seasons and turn off the air conditioning in warm seasons.

7. Make sure all appliances are off, i.e. oven, coffee maker, ceiling fans.

8. Do not use fireplace or wood burning stoves on day of check out.

9. If you have brought a dog, make sure to walk yard and remove all dog waste.

10. The property must be returned to the condition it was in when you checked in. If you have moved furniture or “baby proofed” the home, please return all items to their original location.

11. Report any damage, breakage or in-operative appliances to J R Vacation Rentals by providing information on your Guest Survey.

12. All dishes must be washed and put away. Do not leave dishwasher with clean dishes inside.

13. Reminder, your security deposit will be refunded within 21 days from the date listed as the departure date on your tenant lease.

J R Vacation Rentals reserves the right to deduct a portion or all of a security deposit for failure to follow the check out procedures.

Thank you for your cooperation.